We will open doors for you renters, High Tech automated way!

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Suitable to use with already existing door and lock!

Smart Access

The door opens to the call, only to the right person in the booked time

Automated check-in

Integrated to online booking systems or managed personally.

Full overview and control

Collects door opening data so you have full control via your account.





Product Section

Smart Access Service

Targeted to property owners who rent apartments or business rooms and needs to open the door every day to different people in different time.
Easy -> Entirely automated and integrated with booking system. Renter can arrive 24/7.
Secure -> The door let in only the right person at the booked time and closes the access, when the “booked time” is over.
Economy ->No more key delivery costs, no need to change locks and make key duplicates.
Data -> Host always knows who and when has entered his/her proper

Your property will earn money for you INDEPENDENTLY!


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